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Trash Monster

Having some fun with the cleaning crew after a coworker threw out her pizza box.

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Weird weapon names of Diablo 3

This is definitely the funniest weapon name I’ve found in the depths of Diablo 3. It may not be very powerful, but that’s okay. When my barbarian readies this mace and gives a mob a wink, they must feel very, very uncomfortable.

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Strange Search

Search engines like Google and its simple minded cousin Bing record all sorts of user data whether we like it or not. There are reports out there that will list the most searched phrases that lead to a visit to any website. While looking at…

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Call ahead for service

Ladies, and possibly gentlemen, the line forms to the left! This reserved “members only” spot was found in South Portland over the weekend. Only in Maine would this be printed without a second thought. Thanks to Weird Junk for the find!