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Growing Pains: Larvae

In an attempt to outwit nature, I decided to grow some seedlings inside before transferring to a raised garden bed outside. Unfortunately, nature was not denied. I woke up yesterday morning to find a few small larvae huddled around a seedling. The video isn’t the…

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Smoke on the water

It’s very cold in Portland, Maine today. Air temperature is hovering around 5°F, while the water is around 39°F warmer. Evaporation makes for a nice morning seascape. Here’s a link to the full sized version.  

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AT&T Android Update for Samsung Galaxy S2

Today I had a surprise update on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Usually these things are announced and delayed indefinitely, by AT&T or some other geek site. I have searched around a little, but haven’t really found any info.     Without even checking the…

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Redditor CaspianX2 explains Obamacare

Reddit is a great community resource not only for cat pictures, but also to get down to earth explanations of hot topics. Today, with the Supreme Court ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we all have questions about the impact in our…

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Long Truck is Big in Japan

So randomly one afternoon, the Ocean Gateway Terminal around the block received a large piece of equipment. My office has a pretty good view of both Commercial and Franklin, which ended up being a great spot to see this walkway rolling down the street. Normal…