AT&T Android Update for Samsung Galaxy S2

AT&T Android Update for Samsung Galaxy S2

Today I had a surprise update on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Usually these things are announced and delayed indefinitely, by AT&T or some other geek site. I have searched around a little, but haven’t really found any info.

Advising of the update



Without even checking the OEM updater in the settings, my phone was ready to go! Galaxy S2 Skyrocket users had to wait an incredibly long time for the official ICS update, so I was a little surprised to see anything new so quickly. I’ll admit that I was hoping for a mistaken Jelly Bean update, even though I knew it wouldn’t be the case. XDA-developer forums would have been discussing a JB update for weeks if today was indeed the day.





Install process

I double checked my setting to make sure I was still rocking Android 4.0.4, and I was, before taking the plunge. This was the first update that I had where my battery was already fully charged, turned on WiFi and began the install process.




Completed update





The installation took long enough for me to think that I was getting a substantial  update. Of course, my first step was looking at the settings once installation was complete. The ICS update saved all of my apps and settings, so I was still optimistic when my original home screen and lock screen appeared.



Regrettably, I still seem to be at Android version 4.0.4:

Has anyone else had this update and know what exactly was updated? I’m curious, and always hopeful for a more stable operating system!


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