LASER Lens Macro Fun

LASER Lens Macro Fun

For the longest time, my laser pointer was only good for messing with cats. I saw some posts recently which used the pointer’s lens on a smartphone camera in order to take photos at a higher than usual magnification. I thought I had the wrong laser to join in on the fun. I was wrong. Macr-wrong.

Lens mounted with a bag tie

Laser lens mounted using a bag tie

I secured the lens from the laser, mounted it to my Galaxy S2, and started taking pictures of anything I could find. Here’s a few examples of some magnified photography. I haven’t tried a movie yet, have you?

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln is visible in his column prison

penny cent

Cent of a penny

penny date

The grime between the nine and six was gross

kosher salt on a penny

Kosher salt on a penny

kosher salt

Kosher salt

pizza goldfish

Pizza flavored goldfish cracker

cinnamon sugar

I particle-ularly liked the cinnamon

cinnamon sugar

More cinnamon

cinnamon sugar

One more, just to show the sugar coating


Jackson’s name on a twenty

tiny twenties

Little yellow twenties

twenty security strip

Security strips have tiny awesome flags!


A fingerprint


Fingerprints are cool

Until I can find a decent electric/video microscope, this method will tide me over!

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